Good news from Bushtops - times two!

As we try to balance sensible behaviour with the need for time away from home, we’re delighted to say that PCR Covid testing and certification are now available at all three of our camps (Mara Bushtops in Kenya, plus Serengeti Bushtops and Roving Bushtops in Tanzania). These testing centres open the door for safari escapes, adding reassurance and convenience when returning home.

In a world desperate for respite, there’s a second good news story from Serengeti Bushtops. Before the pandemic, we had invested in a wonderful new mess tent, but had to put everything on hold and into storage when the planet ground to a halt.

Now we’ve been able to unpack the furniture and fittings, creating a new haven of warmth and tranquillity at our northern Serengeti camp. We think this symbolises better times ahead - for us, our staff and visitors alike.

It’s certainly another triumph for Andrin Schweizer, the talented architect who also designed our Spa Village at Mara Bushtops, Roving Bushtops and our tents and lounge in the Mara. Andrin’s latest concept revolves around combining warm blacks and yellows with natural fabrics and tactile textures.

The pictures tell half the story, but to appreciate the cool, chic effect, you really have to be there in person. So imagine yourself sat comfortably by the fire with a cocktail, or perhaps chatting with a loved one over dinner. Then consider that the migration is about to arrive and that you could be one of the few adventurers with the vast plains all to yourself.

Enticing? Well, stop imagining and start planning! Each of our camps is open and ready to give you the warmest of welcomes …