Bringing Tesla Power to Azura for sustainable socially distanced travel

AFRICA's First Tesla powered Solar beach Hotel. Its not just Azura's Palm trees that are green. It's wonderful news that Vaccines seem to be making people more confident to travel again - and there's now even more reason to consider Azura Mozambique. 

Azura is committed to preserving the environment where it operates for future generations to enjoy and we have signed up to the Global Carbon Neutral Pledge. Work has begun on installing a 400Kw Solar plant with 3,200m2 of solar panels, feeding Tesla Battery Banks, to take power generation at the hotel Carbon Neutral. This is the first solar plant of its kind in Mozambique, and with private pools at each of our air-conditioned villas its been a 2 year quest to find the right solar power provider. Tesla offered up an innovative tech solution, and we’re the first business in Mozambique to make use of Tesla power.


With guests wanting to take fewer but more meaningful trips as the latest trend in travel, we’ve also been looking at how guests can offset the carbon from their travel to and from Azura. We’ve launched our new Carbon Offset program for guests through them buying trees that Azura will plant at Chateau Pas de Loup, France. Not only does the Chateau produce the wine our guests enjoy during their stay, but it also has a Carbon Capture Tree planting programme. To date 3 hectares have been planted, predominantly oak but also a mix of acacia, birch, ash and conifer, which will over their lifetime remove over 6,000 tonnes of Carbon from the atmosphere. 

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