Life's A Cruise With Jenman African Safaris: New SADC Houseboat Tours

The landscapes and waterways of Zimbabwe hold a certain type of magic, each area unique in its charm. Our recently launched SADC Lake Kariba itineraries invite you to explore these magical spaces, wild and wonder filled.

From the vast waters of Lake Kariba, to the shorelines of Matusadona National Park, Hwange National Park and Victoria Falls to Mana Pools; these tours encapsulate the definition of wild Africa – untamed, remote and abundant with wildlife. 

Lake Kariba embodies a magic quite unlike any other; views of vast open waters and African sunsets akin to a painting. Fringed with wildlife and the opportunity to immerse in the Matusadona National Park encases one’s holiday with the wilderness, framed by the luxury of the Umbhoza houseboat.

Kariba Safari Lodge offers bush beaches and island views, catamaran adventures and game drives, and of course, each evening at dusk, another opportunity to chase the sun. Time spent in Mana Pools, beneath the albida trees, offers unparalleled game viewing and photographic opportunities, with Mana’s light and beauty unmatched anywhere on the African continent. Hwange National Park awaits, the largest wildlife reserve in Zimbabwe, an invitation to explore ancient animal corridors and fully immerse in nature, and of course, the iconic Victoria Falls. 

Awaken the wild wanderer within and explore Zimbabwe’s unchartered waters, currently available for Southern Africans to explore their backyard: Chasing the SunWild WondersUnchartered Waters and Mana Pools & Matusadona Magic. Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more.