Let's follow the Migration to the Western Serengeti with Miracle Experience

As the seasons do not stop and The Migration is always moving, we are also moving with it, bringing you closer to the action in the Western Corridor of Serengeti, Kirawira from May to July.

Famed for the thrilling river crossings of the Grumeti River during the Great Migration between the months of June and October.

A huge valley bordered by hills that end in Lake Victoria, the Western Corridor is made up of open savanna, woodlands, floodplains, and riverine forest which is home to a great diversity of year-round wildlife, including elephants, giraffes, hippos, giant Nile crocodiles, rare Colobus monkeys, and the localized Kongoni antelopes.

While these river passages are not as popular as the Mara River crossings to the North, where it is more dangerous, wider, and has more viewing points- the Grumeti River, which is the first significant obstacle for the herds to tackle, still offers some exciting sightings, with the added benefit of fewer tourists at the crossing points.