Interesting results from latest UK consumer research

Kamageo has released details of their latest Consumer Watch UK research programme that has been running since August 2020. "We've seen noticeable changes in attitude during that period and these latest results show yet another swing in thinking", explained Chief Exec, Tim Henshall.

"For me, the research shows that for many UK travellers, their desire to travel is higher than ever and once travel restrictions are relaxed there will be a surge in bookings. I also believe that there will be a domino effect, where those who currently don't expect to travel will change their minds when friends start to". 

Snippets from the survey (which is available upon request from include

  • Only 18% expected to travel in 2021 (down from 84% in August 2020) 
  • 25% say that Covid has made them more determined to travel than ever.
  • 75% say Covid has not negatively impacted on their travel budgets
  • 78% feel that airline passengers need to have been vaccinated before being allowed on board
  • Only 22% now believe masks should be worn on safari (down from a high of 41%)
  • Mozambique, Uganda, Kenya saw the biggest drops in desirability, along with a recent 10% drop for South Africa (no doubt associated with the mis-named variant)
  • 52% of respondents had seen no social media or positive media coverage for African destinations. South Africa performed well with 22% saying they had seen messages for the destination, whilst only two other countries achieved double figures.

The UK market is crying out for information and inspiration, but surprisingly few destinations are providing it.