Jenman African Safaris: An Invitation to A Virtual And Verbal Tour Through The Intimacies Of The Wilderness

The previous episode of our ‘Safari Planning’ series left us in awe and inspired by professional guide and passionate conservationist, Steve Bolnick. Founder of Camp Mana and legendary walking safari aficionado, Steve joins us once again to share his love for the wild, reminding us how being on foot in the bush transforms us from merely being observers, to being participants in nature.

Showcasing his in-depth style of guiding, Steve will ‘talk the walk’ and take us on an educational safari, sharing his wealth of wild knowledge. A virtual and verbal tour through the wilderness awaits, with tips on tracking, trees and tales of survival. For Steve, being in the bush is like coming home, indicative of his passion as well as comforting in the knowledge that the wild awaits for guests’ return.

Sign up to follow in the footsteps of Steve Bolnick at 16:00 Thursday 21st January for an insight to our Walking Wild Mana Pools & Hwange itinerary, each step transforming our understanding of nature.