The Samburu Project, Pad Mad, AirKenya and Eluid Kipchoge Team Up for Menstrual Hygiene Campaign in Samburu, Kenya

The Samburu Project, in collaboration with PadMad Kenya, conducted menstrual hygiene and reproductive health workshop on 5th and 6th December 2020 in Archer’s Post, Samburu County. The workshop included the distribution of reusable menstrual hygiene products, soap, underwear and covid protection masks to 1,000 girls from the community.

Kenya’s Tourism Ambassador and world marathon record holder, Eliud Kipchoge EGH, was in attendance to offer his support to the secondary school children in the area. The campaign started off with a run through the Samburu National Park, led by Mr Kipchoge, to shine a spotlight on the beautiful Samburu landscape as a tourism location.

This was followed by the distribution of reusable sanitary products, with lessons on how to use them and instructions on menstrual health.

Besides providing travel support to the project, Airkenya’s all-female crew served as role models for the Samburu girls.

For women and girls around the world, access to safe water, hygiene, and sanitation play a critical role in reproductive health and, as a result, in gender equality. In the remote region of Samburu, girls are forced to put their studies on hold every month and try to manage their menstruation with little to no supplies or knowledge. This burden can cause a girl to miss up to 60 days of school a year - the equivalent of 2 months!

The Samburu Project, Pad Mad, and AirKenya are dedicated to the project in an effort to mitigate inequality and keep girls in the classroom!

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