Kamageo witnessing 70% improvement in attitude towards travel, thanks to vaccine.

With stage 5 of their monthly consumer research under way, Kamago is reporting that the newly added questions are showing encouraging signs of change in UK opinions towards Africa travel. 

“It’s early days in terms of data capture for Stage 5, but the trend shift is very, very positive”, said Kamageo’s Tim Henshall.

A universe of 10,000 travellers has been asked each month regarding their attitudes towards travel; where and when they plan to travel; when they plan to book; expected safety requirements; the financial impact of Covid; and specifics such as the wearing of face masks. 

Whilst most questions remain consistent (essential to allow for analysis), additional questions this month include:

Has the announcement of an approved COVID-19 vaccine changed your views?
(a) No, I remain concerned about travel safety
(b) No, but I will re-consider once I personally have been vaccinated
(c) Yes, I'm feeling more optimistic and will reconsider my travel plans soon
(d) Yes, I want to be vaccinated because I intend to travel in 2021
(e) Yes, I want to be vaccinated because I am desperate to travel in 2021

To date,  option (e) is far and away the top answer, with over 30% of responses and a collective total of 70% saying “yes” (c+d+e).

At the same time, whilst giving respondents the option to multi-choose the destinations they wanted to travel to, for stage 5 they were also asked to state if they could only choose one, where in Africa would they like to visit/revisit next? The answers have proved interesting.

Respondents were additionally asked to advise which countries they had seen advertising, social media posts or positive media coverage about. Thus far, almost 60% of travellers claimed to have seen nothing from African destinations in the last 6 months. Current ‘leaders’ are South Africa (20%) and Eswatini (17%) with Ethiopia and Uganda back at 2%.

Kamageo’s Chief Executive, Tim Henshall stated, “The impact of the vaccine is no surprise, but it makes for encouraging reading all the same.” He confirmed the full report should hopefully be released around 15th December.

For more information (including the November results) see www.kamageo.com/rebuild.