An End of Year Message from the Jenman African Safari Team

As we bid farewell to 2020, feelings of relief, gratitude and hope are shared. The Jenman African Safaris team have put together a message to express these to you, with extended thanks and great appreciation for your perseverance, passion and support throughout the year. The love of travel and creating unforgettable journeys runs through our veins, an undeniable will to explore the world, encouraging others to do the same.

Providing a platform to accumulate memories through wholesome and holistic encounters is our calling as an industry, tapping into our universal need to reconnect to nature. It is within this collected wisdom that we can plant the seeds of change for impactful travel as we head into 2021, providing customers with sustainable travel choices – taking ownership and accountability for our environment, in turn protecting our wild spaces.

During this mandatory global pause, we have risen together to the challenge of adapting, refining and measuring our values, and for this we are grateful. In the echoes of our minds we hear the impalpable call for meaningful experiences, to move with awareness and purpose. We look forward to moving forward with intention with you in 2021 – fulfilling hopes and keeping the travel dream alive.

We wish you a safe festive season, filled with loved ones and happiness, followed by a joyful New Year, filled with hope.

Watch the full message of thanks and gratitude here.