Kamageo releases 4th phase of UK consumer research

Kamageo has published a video presentation containing Phase 4 Consumer Watch research results. 

For the fourth consecutive month, Kamageo has asked the opinions of over 10,000 UK travellers regarding their changing attitudes regarding travel to Africa. With results collected just prior to the surprise announcement of the various vaccines, Phase 4 provides a fascinating insight.

Kamageo added in additional questions regarding perceptions of how Africa had fared versus the UK in terms of Covid infections and deaths.

Tim Henshall, who has been working alongside a number of African nations to develop post-Covid marketing plans stated, “Consumer Watch has allowed us to monitor changing opinions and the impact of media coverage, as well as government measures.”

The 5th Wave of research is now underway and will be published just prior to Christmas. “The impact of the discovery of a vaccine will be fascinating to see”. For a free pdf copy of the findings, please visit www.kamageo.com/rebuild