Jenman African Safaris Episode 4 “Safari Planning”: Launching Exclusive Private-Guided Safari - Walking Wild, Mana & Hwange 

“Instead of seeking the spectacular, you are absorbing the miraculous.” Steve Bolnick

In episode 4 of our ‘Safari Planning’ series with Jenman African Safaris’ CEO Katja Quasdorf, professional guide Steve Bolnick reminds us of our origin with and connection to nature – and that a walking safari is just like coming home. His passionate and knowledgeable manner is a reflection of his expertise and love for wildlife, and in partnership with Jenman, curated an itinerary which mirrors the same.

Steve speaks through the magic of Mana Pools as an iconic and spiritual location – its wild character best accessed on foot in a visceral and intimate encounter with the bush. Mana was named a UNESCO Heritage site for its large wildlife populations – a haven for photographers and walking safari aficionados. From the Albida forests, to large lion prides, wild dog and herds of elephants – Mana is a walking safari paradise, with Camp Mana the perfect location and mix between luxury and wild. 

He then guides guests to Nantwich Lodge, Hwange – in a small private aircraft, guests are gifted with an angel’s view of Zimbabwe. Garth Jenman of Hideaways passionately speaks into the historical and wildlife aspects of Nantwich, located in an area enveloped in biodiversity and steeped in history. Nantwich holds an incredible ecological diversity, from grasslands to woodland and Kalahari sands – attracting a variety of species – roan, cheetah, elephant – evoking senses as guests explore ancient wildlife corridors, led by Steve – footprints worth following.

This itinerary is a reminder that the beauty of a walking safari lies in the difference between being an observer and being a participant. Following the tracks of Steve through both Mana Pools and Hwange National Park, participating in the wonder of wildlife, is a safari seekers dream.

Dates and availability for this tour are limited – enquire now for guests to walk on the wild side, ensuring their footprint falls behind Steve in our once in a lifetime opportunity of “Walking Wild; Mana & Hwange”.

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