Time + Tide - We are open and we show you how easy it is to arrive at Miavana

Last week, Madagascar opened Nosy Be Airport to international flights and guests. To test the arrivals process, our team documented their journey. We show you how easy it is to transition from landing to boarding our helicopter (20 mins total) to arriving at TIME + TIDE Miavana. Watch the short video here https://vimeo.com/465498316  

Our first international guests arrive next week and there are currently no restrictions on nationalities allowed entry into the country.

Initially, travel will be limited to the island of Nosy Be and the surrounding archipelagos in order to maximise the safety of Madagascar and its people. We are happy and excited to welcome to you at Time + Tide Miavana. E-Visas are available on this link https://evisamada.gov.mg/en/

For more information check out our news blog: https://timeandtideafrica.com/miavana-is-open-information/