Sitting Down with the Masai …and everyone’s talking!

The ability to engage with the communities that travelers visit is, in many instances, particularly limited. Many people mention that in their travels, they have never really got to talk to the ‘locals’. Their limited exposure has been with taxi drivers and tour guides. Yet at One Horizon, the projects which are carried out each day, its humanitarian projects, rely on practical communication with communities. That is, sitting down over a cup of coffee or tea, talking, listening, and debating what needs to happen.

A Discussion You Will Never Forget!

And when our guests sit down with the Masai in their traditional homes for a talk, there is a lot of good humor, laughter and at other times, moments of deep reflection. It can be, and often is, a deeply emotional time for all.  And the insights our guests gain from the perspective of older and younger Masai is incredible. And the Masai will also ask some insightful questions of their own about our guest’ lives.   Nothing scripted, just genuine interactions between people.

Travelers Want Learning Experiences

Perhaps the most common thing that travelers tell us about their interactions with the Masai, is what they have in common with them. That is a love of family, wanting to be good providers and having a happy, healthy life.  It develops a bond between our visitors and our Masai community which is both deep and touching.  And the hardest part of this experience for both groups is saying goodbye at the end of their time together. 

Signature Experiences Based on Sharing Life’s Experiences

Tourism is changing and it is not surprising that the words, Sustainable and Responsible Travel, are redefining what traveler experiences should be all about.   From October 1st One Horizon’s tours recommence. The Kenyan Tourist Board (KTB) accredited One Horizon’s tours as part of its Signature Experience Portfolio for their uniqueness and authenticity.  Experiences which bring diverse communities together.