A new dawn for Legendary Expeditions

Legendary Expeditions has entered a new era with the launch of an innovative new website and a refreshing brand direction inspired by the spontaneity of true creativity. Like an artist’s canvas, a safari has freedom of movement. It is unscripted, unplanned and free.

With watercolour brushstrokes used to achieve the abstraction of the African landscape with its rolling hills and dust, the new design of the Legendary Expeditions website truly mirrors the dreamlike experiences found at the lodges and camps. This layering became the perfect inspiration for Legendary Expeditions and drove the visual language towards the use of hand-painted maps and a script font to capture the authentic essence of the brand. 

While new video footage reawakens the senses, Legendary’s reimagined brand essence is about being TRUE, WILD and FREE.

Two migrational camps replace the classic Legendary Serengeti Camps

The newly renamed migrational camps are known as Nyasi Migrational Camp (the Swahili word meaning ‘grass’), after the short-grass plains of the southern Serengeti and the African savannah of Lamai in the northern Serengeti, and Songa Migrational Camp (‘to move’ in Swahili), which follows the migration from the hilly outcrops of Kogatende in the northern Serengeti to the short-grass plains of the south. Legendary no longer operates the migrational camps in the west of the Serengeti, and rather moves gently between the north and south at optimal times of the year to make the most of The Great Migration.  

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