Ten green bottles, going to make a wall

Great Plains Conservation's enviroment team are constantly looking into how we operate and how we can improve our behaviour and in particular the cycle of our waste products.  Our latest environmental initiative in both Kenya and Botswana aims to combat glass waste. 

The bottle crushing initiative in Botswana is based out of our Maun office on the fringe of the Okavango Delta. One of our big exports from our safari camps is glass items. This glass previously went to the Maun landfill and this didn’t sit right with our team, who are continuously curious in the cycle of each material that could go to waste and brainstorming innovative alternatives of up-cycling.

To combat the waste of glass we have set up a glass crushing system in our Sustainability Depot in Maun. The intention is to take glass bottles and crush them to make sand, which is then recycled into building blocks. READ MORE