*Fly Green, Fly Coastal*

We are thrilled that it has been a year since we launched our  *Fly Green* campaign and at having made a huge impact on the way we do things. We believe passionately in playing our part by being the change we wish to see in the world and are not afraid to take those first baby steps.

We have been flying in more sustainable ways over the past year, for example by reducing single use plastic water bottles and offsetting carbon emission. “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle” have become our company watch words. We are delighted to have been working with  "Carbon Tanzania"  and  "Wild Aid", and we have now also partnered with "Dunia Designs" (to recycle the residual plastic usage to produce amazing sustainable furniture).

Recognised and trusted as Tanzania’s “Flying Safari Company”, we are always ready to welcome you on board to experience safari with us, as the domestic carrier with the longest pedigree of promoting safety and convenience for the continual assurance of our customers. Even through the current crisis, our customers will feel reassured of the rigorous measures we have put in place to safeguard our customers and staff.

We thank you for your support through this first year with our *Fly Green* campaign and look forward to more innovation and developments in the years ahead.

Thank you too to all our partners, Carbon Tanzania, Wild Aid and Dunia Designs.