Green, glorious green

So fresh and so green

Have a gander at this gorgeous video. With Green Season coming up, we've got a glorious time of year to look forward to: everything's lush and bursting with life, colours are washed with a new coat of vividness and flora and fauna alike are infused with vitality. 

(By the way, Chris Schmid - who made this vid - is out at Lamai right now, generating incredible images and footage. We're posting his stories on Instagram. Follow for a vicarious virtual safari and a real-time feel of just how fab it is out there.)

We've updated our Dropbox links

We have handy Dropbox folders containing images and info on all of our camps: we've updated the links to all of these, as well as the links in our Welcome Pack. Drop us a line on if you'd like us to send you these docs. 

...and our Travel in Covid-19 Q&A

Tanzania no longer requires a Covid-19 test - but where countries or airlines require one as a condition for travelling, certificates will need to be presented upon arrival. 

Entamanu how-to

When the season is green, we're Entamanu-keen.

Ngorongoro Crater sometimes gets a bad rap for getting crowded, but it needn't be if you do it right. Book a minimum of two nights, and here's how it'll unfold:

Day One

  • Let the scenery take your breath away. Before you, the Crater's vast caldera - behind you, the Serengeti and Loliondo plains stretching to infinity. 
  • Our Masai neighbours call this home: spend the afternoon with them, and see it all through their eyes. 

Day Two

  • Get into the Crater as first light unveils a landscape filled with game.
  • Feast on a bush breakfast, and head back as the throngs arrive late morning.
  • Wander across the plateau for spectacular sundowners on the Crater Rim.

For an extra dose of magic...

Between November and June, take a meander from the Crater Highlands down into the Serengeti, looking to the Gol Mountains and endless plains. 

For those with an appetite for exploration, spend an extra full day walking this stunning section of the Great Rift Valley. 

Know that if there's anything you need - we're always delighted to help. 

We'll be out here, in pursuit of the wild life.

The Nomad team x