Wilderness Safaris DumaTau – Preserving a Critical Conservation Corridor

Currently undergoing a major rebuild, DumaTau continues to play a crucial role in the biodiversity conservation of the Kavango-Zambezi Transfrontier Conservation Area and the preservation of important corridors that enable free wildlife movement between five African countries. The new camp will celebrate the phenomenal Linyanti Wildlife Reserve, not just through its purposeful décor but its ongoing contribution to a number of local conservation projects.

DumaTau is situated close to the source of the Savute Channel on Osprey Lagoon, one of the many lagoons within the Linyanti Swamp system, and between two elephant “corridors”. The Linyanti has one of the world’s largest elephant meta-herds, and with the many other species passing through seasonally, requires sensitive conservation initiatives that contribute to the sustainability of wildlife as well as the area itself.

More recently, research has revealed this area to be one of three key wild dog dispersal corridors within Botswana, and is the highest frequented of the three. With only about 6 000 wild dog on the continent, the Linyanti is a vital core conservation area, which aids in strengthening wild dog populations in areas devoid of human-wildlife conflict.

Throughout the new camp, guests will have the opportunity to learn about the diverse fauna and flora that is found in the Linyanti, particularly elephant and wild dog. These have been portrayed in a range of décor items, including box-framed collages in the guest rooms, a range of wild dog and elephant art and more.

Now forming part of Wilderness Safaris’ Premier portfolio, this upgrade will also see the introduction of Little DumaTau. Offering an unrivalled safari experience, DumaTau boasts the ideal location for the greatest diversity of wildlife to be encountered in this prime habitat, whether heading south and east along the Savute Channel, or north along the last obviously visible vestige of the Great African Rift Valley.