Holidaying safely in Namibia

Since the reopening of most of its lodges on 2 June, Gondwana Collection Namibia has been delighted to welcome local guests that have felt the need to catch a breath after the lockdown period and make their way to one of the various accommodations across the country. Hopes are high that very soon the establishment is able to welcome international guests again and while the lockdown may have meant no tourists, Gondwana took this time to prepare.

During the quiet period of the lockdown, staff training courses were held to prepare employees for systems to be implemented post-lockdown. All Gondwana service providers and lodges are applying increased Health and Safety Measures to ensure that all guests can enjoy a carefree holiday without compromising the guests’ or the employees’ safety. Whether it is sunbathing by the pool, an exciting escape into nature or discovering hidden gems while on an e-bike – the options are endless.

At Gondwana, the concept of sustainability underlines all conduct and is carefully integrated into the management of every aspect of the establishment. This is an approach that is elemental to all the various accommodations, the Namibia2Go car rental service, as well as Safari2Go (a tour operator) and Cardboard Box Travel Shop (a travel consultant). The balanced corporate philosophy, which emphasises social commitment, financial sustainability and the preservation of the natural environment, has enabled Gondwana to continue to meet its business, internal and social obligations during the Covid-19 pandemic. During this difficult time, the Gondwana Care Trust continued to provide food to the most vulnerable members of society, including kindergartens, orphanages, communities and retirement homes. While holidaying with Gondwana, you engage in ethical travel that allows for leisure with a clear conscience.

Take a moment to imagine the Namibian sun warming your skin, the spectacular views and sounds of the natural world as it unfolds before your eyes and the fascinating cultures of a vast, scarcely populated country which has been largely spared by the Covid-19 pandemic due to prudent precautions.