Desert & Delta Safaris Help Fund Disco Lights To Deter Elephants , For Communities In Conservation Areas

Desert & Delta Safaris Help Fund Disco Lights for Communities in Conservation Areas

Yes you read correctly. Botswana based NGO, Elephants Without Borders (EWB) have realised not everyone likes to dance and discovered new ways of protecting farmers crops in conservation areas from elephant damage. By turning up the sound and putting on the disco lights!

Luxury, Botswana safari operator Desert & Delta Safaris have devised an exciting initiative called the CARES Movement that’s designed to help support this great project. Between now and 31 August 2020 they will donate 10% of all the revenue from any new safari booked as an open dated voucher.

So how does the disco work? Farmers place colourful solar-powered strobe lights along the side of the field.  The lights sense movement and shoot out a colourful pattern along the fence which can be changed up every week to startle the animals. Amongst the other techniques in the EleSenses toolkit devised for farmers by EWB are solar-powered electric ropes and alarm systems as well as natural oil repellents. 

“There has been a lot of unfortunate news about elephant conservation in Botswana over the last few months and more. However, there is some really positive work going into community and conservation initiatives like this and we want to do what we can to support their work” explained Desert & Delta Marketing Director James Wilson. 

With almost 130,000 individuals, Botswana is home to the world’s largest elephant population, of which 70% of them occur outside National Parks. Here, these animals compete with a growing human population for food, land and scarce water resources. The long-term survival of elephants will ultimately depend on improved coexistence between elephants and people. The tourism industry has a pivotal role in that it relies on this incredible wildlife as a product and has the responsibility to support the people living alongside the animals.

It is for this reason that supporting this work is so important to Desert & Delta Safaris. The company prides itself as first and foremost a local citizen development organisation operating a responsible travel company. Their foundation is based on the CARES Philosophy which represents the Community, Advanced Health Care, Responsible Travel, Equality & Spirituality of the organisation.

“We know that travel will come back very strong with an unspoilt, uncrowded wilderness destination like Botswana being the ideal place to visit.

The CARES Movement will allow travellers to decide whenever they wish to travel and support the community  at a time it is needed the most. It is the perfect opportunity for those who are passionate about travelling on safari, would like a risk free open dated voucher and want to be able to see a significant amount of their safari spend going towards awesome conservation and community projects such as this” said James.

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