Pollmans Tours & Safaris Supports Nia Children's Foundation in Kenya

The global pandemic has touched every life on the planet. This is no more evident than in counties where many already live at the edge of poverty.

Though Pollman's Tours & Safaris vehicles have not been carrying visitors to the amazing national parks, they are still serving a vital cause by providing food to those who need it most. 

Working with Nia Children’s Foundation, Pollman's management and staff have delivered food parcels to families and children who in desperate need. In partnership with the Foundation, 2000 kg of rice and beans were purchased and distributed within Muthare high-density residential district. The food parcels were split into 5kg of rice and 5kg of beans and distributed to 200 families. These food parcels should support a family of 5 for about 7 days.

The foundation supports two schools in Kenya's poorest areas. Its normal support is via lunches for over 750 children. This is typically the only nutritious meal a child receives during the day. With schools being closed, the Foundation identified the lack of nourishment and started the collection of donations to provide rice and beans as a stable diet to the children and their families. Every two weeks food parcels will be distributed to the children and their families. This nourishment support has helped ensure many can feed their family during this difficult time. For information about this amazing charity and their work, please click HERE

We captured parts of our recent visit on video. You can watch this video by visiting our YouTube channel HERE.

As we continue our efforts to help the people of East Africa, we would be delighted if you want to help. To find out how you can help, please contact us at marketing@arppartners.com.

We are not only looking at support with food parcels. However, in time when schools open there will be a need for additional suppliers such as books, pens and other items. Pollman's Tours & Safaris, in partnership with Nia Children’s Foundation, the aim is to support not only through nourishment but also to grow and develop educational support. As our travel partners, we would welcome to hear from you how you would like to support this project now and into the future.