Namibia - Conservation First - COVID chronicles

As a true Namibian Conservation Travel company, conservation forms the foundation of everything we do at Ultimate Safaris. Through our Conservation Travel Foundation ( we now invest of N$ 2.5 million annually into Namibian conservation and believe that one of Namibia’s greatest assets is its conservation success, be it private, conservancy or public sectors; it is in everyone’s genetic make-up here. Our mission now is to broadcast Namibia’s conservation story!
Being resourceful types we have rounded up a posse of incredible selfless individuals, all of whom have offered their skills and resources for the greater Namibian good without any monies exchanging hands – Jens and Joost Schneider who intend to use the opportunity to platform their start-up: The Namibia Travel Channel; Pascal Supply, whose business – Capture Namibia – rents high-end photographic equipment and Lila Swanepoel, one of Namibia’s most skilled filming and editing personalities. Ultimate Safaris’ own renowned legendary guides are involved in the project as well, and these deeply experienced safari leaders with a wealth of knowledge and plenty of anecdotes to share will be presenting Namibia’s conservation success story whilst this incredible team travel around Namibia over at least the next 6 months.
As the team makes their way around the vast and untamed land they’ll be regaling viewers with their tallest campfire stories, their intimate knowledge of nature and natural processes, and rare encounters with the personalities and organizations that drive Namibia’s award-winning conservation efforts.
NAMIBIA, CONSERVATION FIRST – COVID CHRONICLES is an Ultimate Safaris produced real-life Conservation Travel series, documenting the current realtime behind the scenes life of active conservation in Namibia, putting CONSERVATION FIRST. This is your invitation to be part of our almost daily virtual life-enriching journey and exploration into environments few have seen before, ultimately taking you behind-the-scenes of Namibia’s conservation engine room.
Please see here a preview of what lies ahead, and join us on our social media channels for broadcasts as follows (starting on Monday, 18th May 2020 at 16h00 CAT for the first introductory episode):
Monday – Friday
16h00 CAT
16h00 CAT
We look forward to you joining us and encouraging your communities to join us, on this life-enriching journey.