Coastal celebrates World Wildlife Day

The first thing that always comes to mind when we think about World Wildlife Day is heading out on a safari or any botanical conservatory and reminding ourselves of the vast variety of life our world offers. 

Being pioneers of a Flying Safari network capable of accessing some of the most remote parks of Tanzania and East Africa, Coastal has made it possible for customers to view some of the most majestic animals in the world, in their natural habitats. 

We have been driven by nothing short of a unique safari experience, and through our ever-expanding route network, we have made the impossible, possible. We have grown into a network, soaring across the skies and reaching out across Africa to a multitude of destinations. 

For the past six months, Coastal has been honoured to have been integral to the development of ecological and sustainable tourism in Tanzania. 

This year, as the world celebrates raising awareness of endangered animals and plants, and ways to fight against illegal wildlife trade, Coastal has partnered with WildAid and other entities recently to combat wildlife trafficking and protect the species. 

As we celebrate Sustaining all life on Earth, encompassing all wild animal and plant species as key components of the worlds biodiversity. 

Coastal’s partnership with WildAid is to work together to raise awareness of the benefits wildlife has on our people. Particularly to the communities who live closest to major parks and reserves.  WildAid creates a forum to discuss and educate on the threats certain species are facing and the urgent need for action to be taken to help conserve wildlife and ensure its continued sustainability

As we continue in service as “The Flying Safari Company”, we are ready to welcome on board our guests to experience the safari of a lifetime, absorbing all that Tanzania has to offer!