Classic Portfolio & Machaba Safaris

Classic Portfolio is delighted to announce that Machaba Safaris are welcoming two camps into the fold - Ingwe Pan in Zimbabwe's Mana Pools National Park and Kiri Camp in a private concession in Botswana's Okavango Delta. Both camps embody the Machaba ethos of 'eco-luxury safaris that capture the spirit of an authentic African experience'.

Seasonal Ingwe Pan (opening May 2020) is a 30-minute drive from the famed Mana flood plain and Zambezi River and is known for its excellent walking safaris. Built around a large, secluded pan in a private concession of Mana Pools, the tents are placed to one side on the fringes of the pan, allowing for privacy plus fantastic views of the wildlife at the water's edge.

Stylish & sophisticated Kiri Camp is opening in July 2020. Located on the western side of a 100,000-acre concession (also home to Machaba's Gomoti Plains camp) on a seasonla floodplain, it's the perfect base to enjoy the best of the Delta's incredible water- and land-based safaris.