Happy New Year from everyone here!

Partners and Dear Friends, 

We appreciate the great support received from all of you throughout the year. Thank you very much!

Looking back, we have had some amazing successes; Introduction of Multi Crew Coordination (2 pilots flying together), our eco-partnerships with Carbon Tanzania and Wild Aid are blossoming; and many more that we are proud of. Obviously a long way to go, but comforting to know that we too have started our journey.

We also have a newly revamped website. We have made it easier to find all the key information, whilst starting the safari experience from that first click onto www.coastal.co.tz

Take a look at it and feel free to drop us any feedback or comments you have. 

It is fulfilling to know that we ended the year on a high!

With that said, I wish all of our partners, staff, friends and colleagues, a Happy New Year.

Shaf Syed

Managing Director 

Coastal Aviation