Green Goals: Singita’s Sustainability Vision for 2025

2020 has ushered in a new decade and an environmental “super year”; a year in which we have an incredible opportunity to make an ambitious global commitment to battle biodiversity breakdown and urgently tackle the climate emergency. Now is the time for change – this will be a make-or-break year in which key international decisions will set the tone and agenda for environmental action in the decade ahead. By making a commitment to implementing nature-based solutions that could start to turn back the clock, we could set off a series of positive events with far-reaching implications on the future of humanity.

This accelerating speed of nature loss and rapidly changing climate threatens people and life on Earth; we are now losing our natural world faster than it can restore itself. Plastic pollution, deforestation, greenhouse gas emissions and urban sprawl are having an unprecedented impact on the health of our planet. Governments, private organisations and non-profits around the world are mobilising to slow the effects of climate change before they reach catastrophic levels, while everyday citizens make their own contribution through lifestyle changes that are kinder to the environment. Singita has set a series of ambitious goals to ensure that it further reduces its footprint on the earth and plays its part in addressing the global climate crisis.


  1. Energy: Its off-grid lodges to be 80% powered by on-site renewable energy and on-grid lodges 30% powered by renewable energ
  2. Water: Reduced water used per bednight by 30% from baseline year
  3. Transport: 100% electric game vehicles within three years of commercial availability, and 80% of balance of fleet within four years of commercial availability
  4. Food: 50% of fresh produce procured within a 100km radius
  5. Materials: elimination of single-use plastics in 2020
  6. Waste: send only 10% waste to landfill by 2023

Highlights of Singita’s sustainability efforts to date include the conversion of multiple Singita lodges to solar power, with over 1MW of capacity currently in use, the use of high-tech architectural and engineering design to improve energy efficiency, the implementation of large-scale recycling projects in each region in which we operate, the creation of a more focused and sustainable food sourcing programme, and the integration of the One Planet Living framework into the company culture.

Singita is a part of the international network of organisations using Bioregional’s One Planet Living framework. The business aims to embed One Planet thinking throughout its operations so that it becomes a natural part of how business is conducted, strategised, how new properties are built and how guest experiences are created. All of Singita’s teams strive to operate its lodges and urban offices in a sustainable manner, applying the two focus areas of Care for Planet and Care for People. Find out more »