Kamageo's adds a third West African country - Senegal.

Kamageo's amazing year continues; following their appointment by Sierra Leone, The Gambia and then Mauritius, Kamageo has now added Senegal to their portfolio. Starting with a media trip late in 2019, Kamageo will be looking to increase trade interest in the destination in 2020. 

Tim henshall, Chief Executive at Kamageo explained, "West African nations are increasingly recognising the potential their countries offer to UK travellers. Given our track record of opening up newer destinations, as well as boosting established destinations, it's little wonder than we have been tasked by Senegal".

As Kamageo already represents The Gambia, the potential to promote Senegambia is evident, with travellers visiting both countries on the same trip.  Kamageo's PR Manager for both countries, Charlotte Cobley added "Media interest has, as ever, been terrific. We look forward to reading plenty of great coverage in the coming months".