News at Destination Jungle August 2019

Destination Jungle believes that tourism can bring a positive contribution to the conservation of wildlife, the forest as well as supporting the local communities, in one word: sustainable tourism. Destination Jungle for many years has been active, specifically supporting conservation and eco-tourism.


Destination Jungle launched in 2013 a campaign for the protection and conservation of Bugoma Forest located along the Rift valley eco-system between Lake Albert and Hoima, Home of endangered chimpanzees and Uganda Mangabeys. The campaign is now a membership association (ACBF) implementing number of activities:

  • Private Patrol “Chimp T-RAP to fight illegal activities in the protected reserve.
  • Public Nursery bed with indigenous tree species to support local farmers in reforesting and water protection.
  • Sensitization in school, to emphasize massive education about conservation in pupils
  • Eco-tourism development
  • Agroforestry practices, to teach farmers how to grow crops with trees.

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