Jao’s New Executive Chef Blends Botswana Fare with Global Food Trends

Wilderness Safaris Jao Camp has welcomed Executive Chef Chris Whitham to its team to help take Jao’s sophisticated pan-African food experience to even greater heights. Blending local Botswana fare with the latest innovations in world food culture, Jao’s chefs create expertly-prepared dishes that are exquisitely plated and served in a range of idyllic wilderness settings.

Since Jao’s re-opening in June 2019, Chris and his team have been working hard to present a range of unique signature dishes, focusing on the theatre of menus with a traditional twist. Local elements such as beef seswaa and morogo (African spinach) add to the experience, which offers a sophisticated yet relaxed culinary culture that focuses on Jao’s sense of place in the heart of the Okavango Delta.

“One of our most popular signature dishes is the seared smoked venison tenderloin served with harissa jus, chakalaka relish, salted foam, morogo and venison seswaa. Flexibility is key, however, and our team is on hand to craft the most memorable dining experiences for our guests, tailored to their specific preferences; whether it’s enjoying a meal under the stars, or a romantic, candle-lit dinner for two in the privacy of their villa, the spectacular views from all dining venues ensure that every meal is an event”, says Chris. From elaborate six-course dinners to purposely light café lunches, and everything in between, Jao’s food offering is modern and healthy, with a range of dishes to please all palates.