The Safari Collection's new helicopter

Meet the latest addition to The Safari Collection's team, a handsome Eurocopter AS 350 B3 helicopter. Built for low-level cruising, optimum scenic viewing and with its proven superior performance in extreme conditions, it is the best in its field. It comes with five passenger seats and our experienced heli-pilot, Kieran Allen.

Located between Solio Lodge and Sasaab, our guests now have a once in a lifetime opportunity to see the wildest corners of Kenya from the air. Having your own wings gives you total freedom to explore Kenya’s wildest, most spectacular and most extreme locations. Looking down on Kenya’s vast wilderness from above offers an entirely new perspective. Places inaccessible by land, untouched by humans and full of hidden geographical wonders are suddenly at your fingertips.

The spontaneity and freedom of a helicopter is unbeatable, find out why by reading more about The Safari Collection's helicopter, pilot and excursions.