How is Kamageo helping to increase tourism to Africa? 

With seven African countries in our portfolio, here's a quick update on activities :

AFRICA MEDIA SHOW...Every four months, Kamageo runs an exclusive media event for travel editors and writers to hear what's new and exciting across all of our African destinations. Held at Embassies and High Commissions, these prestigious events have become a must-attend for journalists. On average, we will agree 8-12 trips per show.

FOR SIERRA LEONE...Kamageo recruited eight of the UK’s leading travel writers to join us on a 9-day tour of Sierra Leone in April 2019. As a result, we will see editorial in at least 14 publications including Telegraph, Guardian, Independent and Metro. We’d anticipate the coverage will be worth in excess of £1,000,000.

FOR ZIMBABWE...For the July launch of  our new UK campaign, we've secured an exclusive premier screening of Disney’s new CGI version of "The Lion King". Around 120 VIPs, journalists and tour operators will join us to watch the story that mirrors Zimbabwe’s return to claim its rightful place as a premier safari destination.

IN UGANDA...Kamageo’s trade push has achieved great success. In 2016 there were just 99 UK operators selling Uganda. This now stands at an incredible 170 with a high % actively promoting the destination. That puts Uganda ahead of other popular safari destinations including Namibia and Botswana.

IN ZAMBIA...We encouraged ITV's 'Good Morning Britain' - the UK’s most-watched breakfast TV show - to broadcast live from Victoria Falls. They also aired ‘snippets’ of the country on the show over the following 10 days. Kamageo coordinated the entire project, which reached an audience of well over 10,000,000 people.

FOR TANZANIA...In just 6 months, Kamageo has organised six fam trips totalling more than 30 carefully selected UK Africa specialists, with the support of  TTB and TANAPA (who waived park fees). The west and south regions proved especially popular, as operators wanted to extent their product knowledge beyond the better known northern circuit.

IN ESWATINI...Kamageo’s PR team has been able to leverage the name change from Swaziland to Eswatini to gain valuable editorial in the UK media. This generated more than £400,000 worth of coverage with trade and consumer interest levels rocketing as a result. A steady growth in the number of operators offering Eswatini has proved significant, too.

SAFARI MAGAZINE...Kamageo publishes the UK's only Africa related trade magazine. At 76-pages, 'Safari' magazine is an ad-free publication with extensive articles, news and reviews of all our destinations. It is mailed out to c600 key individuals in the industry and is available online too.

AFRICA TOURISM WORKSHOP...To help countries to increase their UK visitors, we've developed a half-day interactive workshop. We share our extensive knowledge and provide insights into the UK travel market. We cover understanding your destination's appeal; engaging with the travel trade, increasing media coverage and attracting would-be travellers. Ask us for more details and dates.