Which binoculars should you take on safari?

As any seasoned safari-goer knows, a pair of binoculars is a necessity on safari. In our opinion, it ranks as the number one safari essential for game-viewing and bird-watching. As a result of intensive expedition-testing in Africa, The Safari Store stocks the finest optics for every pocket and provides advice on how to get the most out of your binoculars on safari.

Whether observing wildlife in the distance or viewing animals and birds in detail, a pair of binoculars undoubtedly enhances the safari experience and can contribute to your safety in Africa’s wild places. For regular safari travellers and keen birders, high-quality optics stand to be a lifelong investment in your love of nature and optimal experiences on safari and adventure travels.

At The Safari Store, we have tested our optics in sometimes extreme conditions in Africa and have relied on the quality of vision to spot wildlife on foot, but also hippos and crocodiles on boating expeditions. As stockists of Swarovski and Vortex binoculars, these brands have been tried and tested - and are trusted for their quality and performance.

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Read our binocular advice page with more information on recommended safari binoculars and how to set up your binoculars for the best view here: https://www.thesafaristore.com/en/safari-stories/safari-binoculars-advice

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