What accessories should you take on safari?

When it comes to safari accessories, sometimes the little things can make a big difference. From effective sun and insect protection to binoculars, torches, and gear, The Safari Store stocks premium safari accessories for the African traveller – with every item tested to ensure they meet the needs of safari-goers.

It comes as no surprise that sun and insect protection are vital on safari. The harsh rays of the African sun can be fierce, especially when you’re out and about on game drives, walking safaris, or boat cruises – or even relaxing at the lodge. Sunburn can be very painful and uncomfortable – a quick way to put a dampener on your safari. A wide-brimmed hat is a safari essential, but this should be coupled with an effective sunscreen and a long-sleeved safari shirt in technical fabrics such as our specially-developed MaraTech or BUGTech shirts for men and women. These provide added SPF50+ sun protection – and many feature vents and moisture wicking properties for added comfort.

With many areas in Africa posing a malaria risk, insect protection is also high on the list of safari essentials. Not only does this reduce your chance of being bitten, it also repels flies, midges, and other insects – and offers invaluable protection from ticks and tick-borne diseases, which is especially important on walking safaris. The Safari Store swears by premium Australian-made repellents and has expedition-tested them for efficacy under some gruelling circumstances. Get ultimate protection by pairing your RID or Bushman insect repellent with our BUGTech shirts offer SPF50+ and built-in insect protection.

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