How Singita is Going Plastic-Free

Singita believes that sustainability is an ongoing journey of continuous awareness, improvement, and thoughtful, appropriate adaptation to the changing contexts in which it finds itself. This philosophy is echoed across the business, from the lodges and camps situated in remote parts of the African bush to its urban offices in some of the continent’s most populous cities.

The most significant accomplishments is a 90%+ reduction in the procurement of bottled water which has saved the equivalent of 127,000 1ℓ plastic bottles from the waste stream. Singita guests are given reusable glass or stainless-steel bottles filled with filtered water and plastic straws have been completely eliminated from use.

Soft drinks in the minibars are housed in tin or glass and milk is provided in a reusable glass bottle. Singita Sweni Lodge is experimenting with a bean-to-cup coffee machine that will eliminate coffee ‘pod’ waste. Where Nespresso pods are used, the used pods are sent back to Johannesburg for recycling. ​​

The spa range has shifted to Terres D’Afrique; a more sustainable, locally-produced brand which avoids plastic and uses glass and aluminium packaging for its products. In-suite amenities are from another local range called Malee which uses refillable metal or glass containers for shampoo, conditioner, body wash and moisturiser.

These simple alternatives to using environmentally-damaging single-use materials play an important role in reducing Singita's negative impact on the Earth. Singita encourages you to join it in making similar substitutions in your own homes!