The Retreat Kigali Launches New Cultural Experiences

In its effort to further brand Rwanda as a destination and increase tourism to Kigali, The Retreat has launched several new curated tours to promote off-the-beaten track cultural experiences in and around Kigali.  

Kigali and Rwanda are about far more than the gorillas, and these new experiences prove it.  Our most popular experience is our culinary tour which includes insights into Rwandan culture (go behind the closed curtains of a traditional Rwandan milk bar!), a market shopping expedition, and private cooking class at our top-rated restaurant, Fusion.

For those with a hankering for fashion, take a spin with our guides of the hot new fashion palaces of Kigali.  Meet with the designers, pick out your own cloth, and have made-to-order cutting-edge fashion created for you.  

For those looking to explore the genocide more deeply, we will take you on a tour at the epicenter of the genocide to hear survivors’ testimony and then witness how far the communities have come in the past 24 years.  

All tours can be booked directly with us or through your local DMC. Contact us on