Africa is renowned for the unique wildlife and cultural experiences it offers, but now a new generation of travel companies and tour operators are taking this to the next level. Fusing exclusivity, authenticity and luxury, they are designing and delivering one-of-a-kind experiences that in many cases really are dreams come true for travellers to Africa.

While the more formulaic approach to safari travel can still surprise, it was inevitable that people would begin to push the envelope in the name of delighting their guests. Africa is simply too magnificent a canvas to resist the urge to create masterpieces.

Recognising that some travellers have a real need to escape from everyone – including other travellers – exclusive use bookings of lodges and islands are perhaps the best way to get away from it all. Getting there can also be made a much more enjoyable and exclusive experience, with charter flights by plane and helicopter.

Africa lends itself to unique experiences, and more inspired tour operators (and guests) are beginning to explore the possibilities that exist where imagination and insider knowledge meet. Travellers with a passion for, say, food, wine or photography can now enjoy the sort of experiences that “money can’t buy” (although naturally, they come at a cost).

Cooking lessons from a top chef? Wine tasting with a winemaker? Photography tips from a real pro? Africa offers all these experiences, and much more besides. The combination of breath-taking locations and behind-the-scenes access is making Africa the home of exclusive travel experiences.