Meet the painted wolves of the BBC’s Dynasties

December is all about the painted wolves, the story of 'Blacktip' and “Tammy” in the recent BBC’s Dynasties episode captivated us; a mother-daughter feud, a violent death and the fight for survival, we believe it's been Dynasties’ most dra­­­ma­­tic episode so far. If you haven't seen these elusive creatures in the wild yet, we have just the safari holiday for you.

With African Bush Camps you can see these endearing and impressive animals, on foot! This circuit will raise any safari lovers’ pulse, it combines the beauty of Victoria Falls with the unique experience of tracking and observing wild dogs across Zimbabwe. A visit to the Hwange Painted Dog Conservation Centre offers an understanding of the work being done to help conserve these incredible creatures. End the safari on a high in Mana Pools National Park, the exact area, that the BBC team spent 2 years filming the latest Dynasties episode also home to African Bush Camps newest camps Nyamatusi Camp and Nyamatusi Mahogany set to open April 2019 

Join African Bush Camps as we follow Sir David Attenborough's footsteps and walk alongside them.Meet the wild dogs of Zimbabwe, photo Shaun Stanley