A scarf on safari? Meet our new Thusk™ range of knitwear

It can get cold on safari. As part of The Safari Store’s dedication to providing the best clothing suited to African and outdoor travel, we have included an African handmade knitwear range to our offering – with a story that will warm your heart too.

As any seasoned safari-goer knows, it can get cold on the back of open game-viewers, on early morning starts and late evenings around the fire. That’s why we recommend a warm layer as a safari essential. To complement the existing range, Steve recruited the greatest knitter he knew to head a group of community knitters in South Africa: his mother.

There’s something special about your grandmother’s knits – and this sentiment has been brought to life with the Thusk™ range. The team comprises Hazel Adams and six Zulu grandmothers in rural KwaZulu-Natal in South Africa. In the age of mass production and mechanisation, Thusk™ products are the culmination of individual skill and attention of this intimate team of talented knitters. As family caregivers, the income they receive from the sale of Thusk™ products boosts their humble government pensions, helping them support themselves and the members of their households. The name of the knitter responsible for creating each garment appears on its tag, giving you a personal, meaningful connection to Africa with every purchase.

The range includes scarves in elegant designs, a beanie, and a headband and every item is made from sustainably-sourced South African wool. Shop the Thusk™ range here: https://www.thesafaristore.com/en/clothing/thusk