The Singita Grumeti Fund Canine Unit Experience

Between 97,796 and 140,615 wildebeest are killed illegally by poachers in the Serengeti every year. In addition to this, the relentless and escalating demand for high-value wildlife products such as rhino horn, elephant ivory, lion bone and pangolin scales has driven the illegal hunting of these and other species to levels not seen in decades. The challenge of securing the resident game falls to a 120-strong team of dedicated anti-poaching scouts. In addition to having boots on the ground 24 hours a day, a canine unit created in partnership with Working Dogs for Conservation (WD4C), aims to deter would-be poachers from entering the concession.

Radar, Tony, DJ, and Popo arrived in 2017 as the founding members of the Singita Grumeti Fund’s (SGF) Canine Unit. These are former rescue dogs from the United States who have been expertly trained to sniff out ivory, rhino horn, pangolin scales, ammunition, bushmeat & snares.

Six handlers have been selected and trained by the specialists from WD4C on how to care for, train and manage the dogs.

Guests have the opportunity to visit the SGF Canine Unit to meet the handlers and learn more about how this specialized anti-poaching unit works to protect this iconic region in the Serengeti. They get to watch as the dogs use their skills to detect a piece of wildlife contraband hidden for the demonstration. And, if the dogs are working on tracking guests are able to experience their ability to track a person through the bush. Read more>>