Sabi Sabi Invests In A World Of Possibility

At the LDLC, an Open Learning Academy programme is presented to Gr. 4 students and consists of a once a week, two-hour session in English, digital and mathematics literacy.  From Gr. 5 upwards to Gr.8, learners are presented with electronic devices, a facilitator and a charging trolley at each school.  A 30% improvement on the learner’s grades has been seen through the implementation of the Open Learning Academy Programme as supplementary learning.   

One of Sabi Sabi’s core philosophies is that an integral and participatory relationship must exist between tourism operations and neighbouring communities. Jacques Smit, Marketing Director of Sabi Sabi, stated that: “Our partnership with GWF is a fundamental blueprint in conservation education and the golden key to our future.”

LDLC also offers a Bridging Academy programme that is available to all school leavers and second chance learner who wish to further their knowledge.  

Once the Hazyview cluster of Digital Learning Campuses reach six in total, access will be provided to over 26 500 learners.