Kitich Forest Camp - A message from The Chelis

Many of you will have breathed sighs of relief when Liz and I sold our camps and our DMC, little did you know that we would be back ....

Liz and I are now overseeing the management of that most special of places - KITICH FOREST CAMP - in the Mathews Mountain forest. You all know how passionate we are about this part of Kenya; we will soon be based on Loisaba Conservancy in our new home, and of course we will make Kitich, only 3 hours’ drive away, a great success. We added "Forest" to Kitich Camp’s name so that everyone is clear what Kitich is!

Kitich is not a "game drive" sort of place. It’s perfect for WALKING, HIKING into the mountain, TRACKING on foot, SWIMMING in the crystal clear river and its pool, as well as exposure to AUTHENTIC Samburu cultural experiences, such as the singing wells.
We encourage “exploring on foot”, there is much to explore with so much variety and this is still such a unique way to ‘safari’.

Introduced also this year, is a chance to visit the Reteti Elephant Orphanage.  This Elephant Orphanage, set in the Namunyak Conservancy, on the southern and eastern slopes of the Mathews Range, is a great example of community led conservation.
Many of you already know that in May 2018, Kitich Forest Camp joined the New African Territories group of camps and lodges under the sharp and fun management of Tamsin Corcoran. New African Territories is now the primary booking/reservations and marketing office for Kitich Forest Camp.