Elewana Collection Guests get mini packs of Seedballs

Deforestation is a significant problem across Africa. Guests staying at certain properties in the Elewana Collection are able to make their contribution to the conservation of the greenery in Kenya. When guests arrive at camp, on their first night guest when they return to their room, on their side table will be a pack of 10 seedballs, which they are able to use during their stay, when they go out on game drives or a bush walk in the Conservancies, Private Reserves and public land. 

The technique of seedballing allows regrowth and regeneration, and provides guests with a unique experience that not only helps the environment but provides the guests with some fun!  A seedball is an indigenous tree seed encased in a nutritious biochar casing which protects the seed from grazing wildlife and temperature extremes until conditions are perfect for germination.

We’d like to remind all our guests that this activity is not allowable currently inside Kenya’s National Parks or Reserves and that they should not attempt to take any seedballs with them when they  leave the country.