Wilderness Safaris Remains Committed to Combating Climate Change

As Africa’s leading authentic and sustainable ecotourism company, Wilderness Safaris is committed to combating climate change by implementing various sustainable energy solutions in almost all of its camps across Africa – reducing dependence on fossil fuels with the ultimate aim of being carbon neutral.

Fiercely dedicated to protecting our planet’s precious natural and cultural resources, Wilderness Safaris places a premium on ensuring that its operations are sustainable, and supported by its 4Cs ethos of Commerce, Community, Culture and Conservation. It is the Conservation C that inspires Wilderness Safaris to maximise the positive impacts arising from its activities, while at the same time implementing measures to reduce any negative impacts.

Sustainable energy usage is therefore a natural priority for the business, and great strides have been made in this arena. Sixteen Wilderness Safaris camps currently operate on 100% solar power, totalling approximately 5 940 kWh per day of power production. Further to this, there are 25 camps with solar-inverter or battery-inverter hybrid systems, reducing generator usage by 66%.

There are also a number of camps using smaller, individual solar arrays for each guest unit, or one single larger array to run the front of house only, totalling an additional 180 kWh per day of power production. In addition, the company has 831 solar geysers, or solar thermodynamic geysers, in place throughout its operations, further reducing the need for reliance on generators or electricity, and saving a total of 3 324 kWh a day.