Safari luggage and clothing embroidery: show the world who you are

Corporate branding and gifts, uniforms, and individualised safari style are easily achieved through The Safari Store’s embroidery service. This exciting new development opens many windows of opportunity for members of the African tourism and outdoor industries – marrying branding and personalisation with The Safari Store’s premium luggage and clothing technologies.

With apparel that has become synonymous with high-end African and adventure travel, the embroidery facility is the latest value-added service by The Safari Store. For branding purposes, our canvas and leather luggage and specialty outdoor clothing are an eye-catching way to show off your logo for special occasions, merchandising, and corporate gifts. 

The embroidery offering extends to most Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ large canvas and leather duffel bags – with the Rufiji™ Safari Explorer the most popular choice – as well as smaller backpacks and satchels according to preference. Where numbers permit, we are also able to print your own Style-Your-Bag Flap for the Mara&Meru™ Selous Satchel – the bag with a zip-off interchangeable front flap. Names and logos can also be embroidered on to our Rufiji™ and Mara&Meru™ clothing for the benefits of branding and our carefully-developed, expedition-tested MaraTech™ and BUGTech™ fabrics. 

From guide uniforms, lodge shop offerings, corporate branding items, or simply as a means of customising your bag or clothing to make it wholly your own, this service has a range of applications for members of the safari, travel, and outdoor industry, as well as safari-goers and individual consumers.

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