Year-round wildlife viewing at the restyled Sanctuary Kusini

Sanctuary Retreats are pleased to announce the completion of the redesign of Sanctuary Kusini, the Serengeti’s remote south’s only permanent camp.

The camp’s 12 open-plan en-suite tents have been restyled with wooden floors, neutral tones and shades of green complementing the natural African setting.

Image for Sanctuary Kusini, Restyled - 11 September 2018DeckGame 2

The main lodge area has been transformed with a new main tent, new flooring and soft furnishings. Sanctuary Kusini has the privilege of overlooking predator-populated plains where game viewing is in high-definition throughout the calendar. 

Guests are invited to help track cheetah in one of the few remaining natural ecosystems where the world’s fastest land animal exists. Sanctuary Kusini and its guests' work closely with the Serengeti Cheetah Project to help monitor the demographics and activity of these fine felines..

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