Travel with Purpose with Wilderness Safaris – Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict

Wilderness Safaris’ next Travel with Purpose itinerary is set to explore Namibia’s vast and untamed Damaraland. Taking place from 26 November – 01 December 2018, six guests will get to track desert lions and engage with the communities that live alongside them, and will be hosted by lion researcher and founder of the Desert Lion Conservation Project, Dr Philip Stander, as well as Emsie Verwey from the Brown Hyaena Project.

In addition to interacting with researchers, guests will actively engage with rural communities to understand local culture and human-wildlife conflict, as well as learn about the area’s brown hyaena population and a number of other arid-adapted species found in the region. Other experienced experts who will lead this journey include Wilderness Safaris Namibia Community Liaison Manager, Jermain Ketji, and seasoned guide Gerhard Thirion, who runs Wilderness Safaris’ popular Guided Explorations in Namibia.

“The future of lion conservation in the Namib is dependent on human-lion conflict management to enable the desert lions to survive, while allowing people to maintain their traditional lifestyles and their livelihoods, as well as share in the benefits of ecotourism. Our presence, and that of our guests, for the past 20 years has meant that the desert lion’s value – alive rather than dead – continues to increase as the people who live in the area are benefiting from tourism”, says Wilderness Safaris Namibia MD, Alexandra Margull. This Addressing Human-Wildlife Conflict trip is one of 12 Travel with Purpose itineraries created in celebration of Wilderness Safaris’ 35th birthday.

Click here for more details on this Travel with Purpose itinerary. To read more about Wilderness Safaris’ commitment to addressing human-wildlife conflict click here.