Gahinga Batwa Village Update

Volcanoes Safaris is glad to share an update on the Gahinga Batwa Village project (next to Mount Gahinga Lodge, Uganda) and a selection of videos and photos taken in April.

Some Batwa families moved into the village already in March. The 8 remaining families of the Batwa community moved into the new GBV on 16 April. 

All 105 members of the Gahinga Batwa community live now in the village. 

Each family has a ​plot of land and they are learning to grow different vegetables (mainly potatoes, carrots, aubergines, beans, lettuce). 

A few members of the community were able to purchase a sheep or goat thanks to the savings earned after selling their Batwa Vocational Centre crafts

Together with the Batwa and the Gahinga neighbouring communities, Volcanoes Safaris will celebrate the Gahinga Batwa Village launch on 31 May.