New rate structure for the exclusive-use Tanda Tula Field Camp

Excellent news for families or friends wanting authenticity and an exceptional experience where you are immersed in pure wilderness: Tanda Tula Field Camp announces a per-person rate structure while keeping the exclusivity of the camp. 

Why Field Camp:

The most authentic safari in South Africa, this low-impact, exclusive-use camp is set up from scratch for each booking. Here you are transported back in time, to connect with your surroundings and the people you travelled with. Tanda Tula‘s tagline rings true: Explore. Inspire. Connect.

Operating between March and October each year, Field Camp is open for 2018.


Previously only available at an exclusive-use charge based on 8 guests, Field Camp is now available on a per-person basis with a minimum of 4 guests, while remaining exclusive to the booking. This makes Tanda Tula Field Camp more accessible for smaller families or friend groups.


Tanda Tula has lowered their minimum child age from 14 to 10 years, but children can only join walking safaris from age 14. Parents must take it in turns to stay back in camp to be with the kids. They are welcome to join parents on evening game drives.

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