The Serengeti Nomad

The calving season has begun in the Southern Serengeti, close to our Serengeti Safari Camp. Over this time half a million young wildebeest will start their lives, and in a few months will make their first attempt at one of the most epic journeys on the planet as they move through the Serengeti ecosystem with the rest of their mega herd. Keep up to date with migration news hot off the plains by following Nomad guide Nathan Losaru, our Serengeti Nomad on Facebook and Instagram. 

Nathan is one of our senior guides and has been with Nomad since 1999. He started with us as a camp chef, and then took the role as headman in one of our Serengeti mobiles. In 2005 he joined our annual guides training course and the rest is history. After a time guiding from Sand Rivers Selous he now guides full-time in the Northern Circuit. He knows the Serengeti and the migration better than most, and being on a safari with him is an absolute pleasure. Please give his accounts a follow!