Green Season Greats with The Safari Collection

At The Safari Collection, we think that the green season has a great number of unique experiences to offer our guests. Read more here on the many green season greats to be enjoyed at our properties and why we think this is an exceptional time to travel.

The long rains in Kenya fall between April and May. When the heavens eventually open and rain soaks the plains the sun-scorched savannahs are quickly transformed into green, lush and rejuvenated grasslands. With the abundance of rainwater a new lease of life is injected into Kenya’s pallet; colourful flowers bloom, succulent green grass grows, herbivores fatten and Kenya’s vibrant canvas is given a fresh lick of paint.

Photographic enthusiasts can make the most of the dramatic stormy dark skies, crisp cloud contours, vibrant green grass and flaming orange sunsets which are all offshoots of the incoming rains.

The flourishing flora and fauna is busy reproducing, pollinating and multiplying making this season perfect for observing the young offspring of a variety of species.

Being a season less travelled, game viewing during this time is an incredibly exclusive experience, you will often share magical wildlife encounters with only friends, family and knowledgeable guides.